Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Mengel, not mongrel - V2.0

Well I'm now 30.... almost 31. If I go through the "to do" list of life, I find I can't tick off many of the boxes: I'm not paid to do what I love (in fact, I'm not sure what it IS I'm supposed to love doing yet); I'm not married; I've no children (although I don't take the pill, so let's just say I play a little Russian Roulette with this idea); I struggle with my body image and weight (despite my best efforts) and there's not enough money in my bank account to fund a yearly escape to SE Asia. In fact, the furthest I've made it this year has been to Brisbane and, even then, I flew with Jetstar. Eeep! Grim (with a liberal dose of self-pity).

So I've decided to revisit my blog because writing is, apparently, something I'm not too shabby at doing. I'm hoping it will be a magic cure-all for the various parts of my life I feel a varying degrees of dissatisfaction about. Honestly, I've always felt quite unsure - I tend to begin a project with the knowledge that it will probably not succeed - so why try at all? Terribly pessimistic, particularly for someone who tries to encourage and support her friends and family through every venture, no matter how bizarre! At the moment, one of my dearest friends is about to launch her own women's group website and run monthly meetings (how awesome is that?). The project is called Platform of Women and I reckon it's pretty kewl - the idea of the group is for ordinary women to make new friends and, in the process, share their stories. I know how easy it is to feel disconnected in a city like Melbourne (especially if you're not born and bred here!) and I know that having an organised monthly meeting will be something that's really important in remaining connected for many, many women in our community. It's the look of total satisfaction on her face when she talks about this group/project that makes me think "I need something like this". So, I will blog again. And the blog will evolve and morph as according to my mood, my ambitions, my successes and my failures. We will see how it ends up - I might end up just writing about antique teaspoons - who knows?

So friends, welcome to my NEW old blog. Let's see what happens eh?

Dani x