Saturday, July 17, 2010

Role models?

Recently, a woman and psychologist name Bettina Arndt wrote an article suggesting that Julia Gillard was, among other things, "wasting precious breeding time". She also claimed that because of her historical ascension to power, Julia would now be influencing all Australia's young impressionable women to be just like her - career focused, powerful and yet childless and deeply unhappy in their defacto relationship because marriage is the ONLY way to ensure your relationship is genuine (just ask Al Gore and Hilary Clinton). Bettina Arndt has since been diagnosed with being a backwards, spazzo bitch.
It has got me thinking though - I mean, I'm always looking for a bit of inspiration and I wonder which public figures I could aspire to be like? Of course, Jules Gillard, Madam PM, is up there. She's like a political terminator and that shot of her and our female GG made me do a little pee with excitement. Just the fact that she's PM has and will continue to teach Australian girls that anything is possible. Anything. Even finding a heterosexual male hairdresser called Tim. 
Paris Hilton, is unfortunately, out. She's been busted twice in two weeks with pot on her and I have lost all faith in her. I mean, honestly, if you can't hide your pot properly you're an idiot and not worth emulating at all. While I'm on it, Lindsay Lohan is out as well. Quitter.
Of course, my Mum, while she's not a public figure (yet... but hopefully her playboy pix never see the light of day) has taught me a lot and I'll always try to be as fantastic a woman as she is. A few of the greatest lessons I've taken from my mum include; get the kids to carry the Myer bags into the house and then quickly hide the new purchases in the "oh no, I've had this for ages" closet, never check the cupboard before shopping so always have three of everything and use silence as the best way to generate guilt and get your children to do what you wanted them to do in the first place (for more advanced applications, be silent and then quietly say "ah-huh" to no-one in particular but loud enough so your children hear it... fool proof). Really though, everyone knows my Mum is amazing and that anyone who has managed to hide that many Myer purchases AND live with my dad for 35 years is a bloody well-dressed, smart, generous woman. Much to aspire to.
Oh and I've decided that I also wish to emulate every woman that I saw last night at the Vic Roller Derby match. Who wouldn't be moved by a stadium full of rockabilly/goths cheering on women on skates trying to pummel each other?  My particular favourites include Punani Tsunami, Kat Van Krusher, Swish Cariboom and Skate Bush (and heaps of others but I don't remember their names!) - believe me, THESE CHICKS FUCKING ROCK. They're all proud of who they are, they're fast, they're curvy, they're tough and they don't apologise. And, the crowd? Well the giant sized, sold-out crowd worships them. All of them.
Perfect role models - and henceforth you shall all know me by my roller derby name - the Mengelator.

That is all.

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